Terms and Services Agreement 條款及服務協議



1. 美國郵運時間約7-12個工作天。世界其他地區郵運時間約 6-8 星期。
2. 若大量購買,請與網上書房聯絡或許會節省一些郵費。
3. 若收到的聖經有損壞,缺頁,倒裝,於收貨單日期起計,三個月之內,我們會免費把完好的聖經
4. 若你提供的地址有錯誤,聖經退回我們的辦公室,那你必須再付郵運的費用。否則只好退回聖經
5. 被海關扣查的聖經,及要負任何關稅,恕我們不負任何責任。
6. 若中英文件在意思上有衝突,以英文為準。
7. 聯絡我們﹕bei@BibleExposition.org     或致電﹕美國408.265.8092

Term of Services Agreement
1. In USA please allow 7-12 business days for delivery. The rest of the world please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery
2. Big volume order please contact for online store for possible saving in shipping cost.
3. If bibles received are torn, broken, missing pages or something wrong, it will be replaced at no cost to you
    within 3 months. Refund will be sent to you if bibles    are out of stock and no replacement can be made,
    otherwise no refunds.
4. If you make a mistake in the shipping address and bible is returned to us, then you are responsible to pay
    new shipping charges and supply a correct shipping address or refund will be made to you only on the cost of the bible.
5. We are not responsible for bibles stuck in customs or any custom tax are applied by other countries.
6. Any conflict in terms of understanding between Chinese and English, English shall be the official version.
7. Contact us: Online Store:  bei@BibleExposition.org   or call us at US (408) 265-8092

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